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CareerLaunch logo
The CareerLaunch logo visually communicates what CareerLaunch stands for, its presence, and its identity. The logo visualizes the program and services, and is used on all official presentation material. This logo was created as a part of a joint program with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The Gap Foundation. It shows the name of the program in a specially created, dynamic font graphic with an action computer cursor indicating online components available to Club teens and staff for online career exploration, college and job search information, library resources, available internships,and appropriate supportive, interactive activities. We must protect it from being weakened, and mistakenly confused with any other programs. It is also important that reproductions look good and are used in a way that benefits the program and its participants. Boys & Girls Clubs of America requires that it be used in a consistent manner, and maintains restrictive rules for its design, message and applications.

Changing the logo
The logo can vary on color: blue (PMS Hexachrome Cyan C ) • orange (PMS 1375 C ) • green (PMS 381 C )yellow (PMS 123 C ). Use of other colors is not allowed. You may, of course, print the logo in all black (grayscale) or all white with a colored background. The logo's elements may not be changed, added to or removed in any way. This includes the way CareerLaunch’s name is represented. The length and width relationship of the logo's picture must always be maintained. The logo may be included as part of a larger illustration provided that the logo itself is not changed.

Using the logo
The logo may be used alone, or together with the name and/or logo of the branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs. The logo is the property of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and The Gap Foundation and may only be used as a signal of participation in officially sanctioned events. For such events, you may use the logo on letterheads, flyers, posters, T-shirts, web sites and other promotional or informational material appropriately and in keeping with the general guidelines provided by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, provided the logo is not altered in any manner.

Right to Change or Cancel
Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The Gap Foundation reserves the right to change these guidelines, and/or cancel at any time.

CareerLaunch Logo: Blue
JPEG file | EPS file | TIFF file
CareerLaunch Logo: Orange
JPEG file | EPS file | TIFF file
CareerLaunch Logo: Green
JPEG file | EPS file | TIFF file
CareerLaunch Logo: Yellow
JPEG file | EPS file | TIFF file
CareerLaunch Logo: Black & White
JPEG file | EPS file | TIFF file
Please make sure you adhere to our Graphic Standards when using the logo shown below. Review the Staging Guidelines, Colors, and Improper Usage pages before proceeding.


Logos are available in the following formats (for Windows and Macintosh platforms):

  1. EPS files - vector based artwork that can be imported into various applications (created in Adobe Illustrator)
  2. TIFF files - files are 300dpi CMYK or grayscale images
  3. JPEG files - files are 300dpi RGB images (can be placed into MSWord or Powerpoint)
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